Importance of Getting Fishing Licence

Fishing nowadays become a popular sports BC Salmon Fishing is one of those common fishing sports that fishing charter customers are interested with. But engaging in fishing have some rules to follow like getting a fishing licence.

Are you a new fisher? If yes then better read this article to know more about BC Salmon Fishing and getting a fishing licence. Salmon Fishing Canada needs licence to enjoy the sport. It is being purchased manually and covered from April 1 to March 30.

How much to spend in fishing licence?

Price getting BC Salmon Fishing Licence varies.  If you are a resident or non-resident of Canada. Residents are those who live in Canada. Resident Certificate or any valid identification card is required or any proof of residency. Non-residences are those who want to go to Salmon Fishing Canada but not living in Canada. For non-resident, annual licence fee for adult aging 16 years old to 64 years old including senior citizens which is from 65 years old and above is $101,for 5 day licence, you  have to pay  $31, 3-day licence is $19 and for 1 day the payment is $7. Canada resident will pay fishing licence for a lesser price. Annual licence for adult (16-64 years old) is $21, annual licence fee Senior Citizen (64 years and above) is $11, for 5- Day Licence is $16, for 3-Day Licence the payment would be $11 and for 1- Day licence you’ll have to pay $5.25. Annual Licence for 15 years old and below is free for both Canada resident and non-resident. Fishers should also fee $6 for the Salmon Conservation Stamp.

Where to Get Fishing Licence?

Salmon Fishing Licence is available online. But if you are under 18 years old you should have parental consent to use the site and should be authorized to use a credit card for payment. Salmon Fishing Licence can also be avail province wide from sports stores, resorts, service stations, charter, service stations and some department stores.

Important things about Fishing Licence?

Fishing licence is always required for fishing finfish and shellfish. It is not transferable to other person. Fishing licence is being availed individually. Your getting the licence, holder should sign it to be valid. Always make sure that your licence is with you in water sports fishing. Conservation Officers, Fishing Officer or Fishing Guardians will work for it to ensure that you are legally registered while fishing or even transporting your catch.

Validating of licence should also be monitored. Validity of annual licence is shown on the licence while shorter duration expires at midnight on the final day of validity. Bear in mind that it is illegal to have more than one licence. Fishing is a very relaxing sport for family friends. Always remember that conserving the natural resources such as salmon fish is very essential to be considered as responsible citizen. It is our very important contribution in conserving our natural resources and save the world from any possible harm effect of abusing our environment.


BC Salmon Fishing and Salmon Fishing Canada: Full Satisfaction Guaranteed

The place to go is right here

Salmon fishing Canada is one fishing destination you shouldn’t miss. Canada is known for pristine fishing grounds and hospitable people. This combination is something that comes naturally in the country and you’ll never find any wanting. The people and its natural resources are willing to share with you the wonderful bounty of the country. Salmons are for you for the catching. The government of Canada has instituted a lot of laws and regulations to make this possible. Check your fishing gear and your fishing license for an uninterrupted fishing experience that only Canada can offer you. This is the place where you want to go if you really want to catch fish. More salmons are expected this year than last year’s and last year was a spectacular season for salmon fishing in Canada.

The king salmons, Chinooks

Every salmon variety you know will be waiting for you there. The King of Salmons, the Chinooks, will again be there in order to give you the salmon challenge that you’re looking for. It’s going to be a great fun to hook them and have an amazing duel with them in the high seas. Several other species such as the Pink salmons, chums, the silver cohos, and sockeyes will just be as wonderful to hook and you can be sure they’re going to bite. Salmon fishing Canada has more to offer than anywhere else in the world. The weather is perfect and the seas accommodating in this time of the year. You’re going to have a great time.

Don’t miss this fishing destination

One fishing destination you should explore is the fishing holes of British Columbia. BC salmon fishing is just an outstanding location to pass by. It offers one of the best salmon fishing stops in Canada. Don’t miss it for any other fishing havens. You have more chances of reeling in bigger salmons, especially Chinooks. It’s here where the biggest salmon was caught. The possibility of catching another record setting salmon is greater here than anywhere else. There are more fishing grounds here and salmons flock to places like Fraser River in record numbers in order to feed from its rich food supplies and to mate. You’re always in an advantageous position when you go BC salmon fishing. If you come here to fish, then its fish you’ll get.

Everything is geared for your enjoyment

There are also great places you can stay. They have comfortable beds to rest your weary body for another day of fishing. You can also find expert guides to increase your prospect of catching bigger salmons. You have the entire pacific coast to fish from. There are several thousands of kilometers of saltwater fishing for you to choose from. The rivers are also beckoning you for fresh water fishing which will test your mettle. BC salmon fishing has unlimited fishing grounds to give you a great time and satisfy your fishing expedition. You’ll never find another place that’ll give you more satisfaction.

How to Enjoy Salmon Fishing Canada

If you have wanted to try BC salmon fishing, then you might want to know the basics about the various types of salmon that are populating in the waters of British Columbia. There are actually five different species that you will find in BC, and among these are the Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Chum and Pink Salmon. The Atlantic Salmon are often found in the northern area of the Atlantic Ocean and in the rivers that are flowing through the North Atlantic as well as in the North Pacific. Indeed, British Columbia is home to the best salmon fishing events all over the world, thus, salmon fishing Canada is always held in British Columbia, more particularly in Vancouver.

Variety of Salmon in the BC’s Coastline

The coastline of British Columbia is said to be heavily populated with salmon, especially the varieties of Coho as well as Chinook salmon. Those who want to get a good catch of salmon should visit the area of fishing area of British Columbia and take part on the BC salmon fishing. And just so you know, there are several millions of Pacific salmon that will appear on the coastline of British Columbia every year and are mostly spawning in the rivers of BC, especially in the Vancouver area.

Why Fish in the British Columbia

Salmon are commonly found in British Columbia and this is why those who want to take part in the salmon fishing Canada should visit this region in Canada. The fish is in fact, vital to the life in Pacific Northwest and is an important part of Canada’s heritage. So whenever spot fishing fanatics would get together and talk about fishing, the BC salmon fishing is usually mentioned.

What Gears to use for Fishing

So you might ask what gears you should have in order to enjoy a salmon fishing trip in the British Columbia. Well, first of all, make sure that you have the proper gears for fishing. Make sure also that the rod length is appropriate and the strength of the line is durable enough because you will never know when you will be able to catch a monster salmon when you are out enjoying your salmon fishing Canada. If you are fly fishing on a freshwater, take note that you will need a rod that measures 12 up to 16 foot and must be made of fiberglass or graphite. You should have a sturdy fly reel as well as a durable fly line. When it comes to bait fishing and spinning, make use of a spinning rod that is at least 10-foot long as well as a bait caster reel that is 15 up to 20 pound in weight.

So these are the things that you should know when it comes to salmon fishing Canada, more particularly in British Columbia. Remember that the salmon from the Pacific is often fished by trolling offshore and in the estuaries. BC salmon fishing can also be enjoyed  by means of fly fishing as well as spinning.

Salmon fishing Canada – the pleasure of switching off the urban buzz!

The pleasure of fishing is known only to the person who cast the bait and got a live one at the end of the line. Fishing is an experience not as serene as the waiting to hook the catch! It is an excitement to get away with miles of calm and set your rig, tie the bait, cast the line and wait for the tug and while you are at it let the sun, sky and birds & breeze catch you unaware and send you to another realm. Here is all about fishing.

Salmon Fishing: Introduction
Yes! Fishing is that out of the world experience and a different world of sport or adventure or competition or lifestyle option to explore.And salmon fishing is another game totally. Salmons are usually bred in fresh water, they travel to sea water and return in cycles to fresh water to spawn.  So salmon fishing can be enjoyed with the surf and sea breeze, as well in rivers, streams or lakes.

Understanding Salmon Fishing.

Salmon is a name for many species of fish found in Canada. Canada is a famous salmon fishing destination, if not the only one for salmon fishing. Especially, because the salmon and its famous fishing variety trout,are so largely found here. Rather Salmon fishing Canada boasts of the most sought after fly fishing competition in the sport. Salmon fishing Canada can be enjoyed from start of the month of May to end of September. One of the best places in Canada for fly finishing is Alberta’s Bow River.

Popular Species: BC Salmon

It’s not just about fishing anymore. BC Salmon Fishing is about an end to end experience. Rivers inlet is a place where three major river systems cross. Rivers Inlet is one the most sought after and enjoyed the place for salmon fishing in British Columbia. And amongst the several spots at the Rivers inlet, The Wall is famed for the best spot in BC Salmon Fishing.Some of the largest trophy fish have been caught here, and the spot still remains the most popular sports fishing destination because of the abundance of catch. Many lodges and hotels around Rivers inlet make this trip even more comfortable yet removed from the urban life and pressures of competitive life. But in no way you are away from competitive fishing as well as pleasure sport at BC Salmon Fishing. A large number of salmon head to Rivers inlet for spawning around July to August, making the place a buzz of fishing activity and business and pleasure.

You could be out in the island waters for Salmon Fishing Canada irrespective of the Salmon species. The experience is amazing. It is indeed a pleasure trip with all the comforts of lodges and room service and local assistance available. As well as this experience has retained its competitive, sports feel because of trophy competitions and pride of catch. The sport has evolved with new top of the line equipment and fishing gear companies taking further interest in fishing.

Salmon Fishing Canada Is the Best Place to Enjoy Fishing

BC Salmon Fishing and other sports fishing locations in the world are very popular due to the numerous lakes, rivers and coastlines.  Canada can offer you the best salmon fishing opportunities by taking advantage of the various lodges, guides, chalets and most of all charter services. They can provide you the best tips, techniques and sometimes they also offer the most complete fishing packages.  There are different species of salmon that are available in the different areas for salmon fishing

On the western side of Canada, there are a large number of species that can offer you the best opportunities for salmon fishing.  Salmon Fishing Canada is the home to various species of salmon including Sockeye, Chum, Coho, Chinook and Pink.  Typically, these salmons can be caught from the shores of the coastal area of Vancouver up to the Alaskan border.  In order to gain access to the deep waters, you can use charter boats which are commonly found in towns and villages along the coast.  This is a great opportunity where you can catch large Chinooks and Chums.

Campbell River and North Vancouver also offer the most excellent Salmon Fishing Canada opportunities not only in the deep water but also from the shore.  During the fall and the spring, you can also go to rivers to have a great salmon fishing opportunity.  Canada is popular because of its beautiful fishing spots such as the Fraser River.

BC Salmon Fishing also offers the best opportunities in the eastern part from fly fishing to deep sea fishing.  The Maritime Provinces coastline is quite more rugged compared to the Pacific Ocean coastline. Inexperienced adventurers should be more careful because the waters here are more treacherous.  On the eastern part of Canada, the best salmon fishing areas are the New Brunswick River, the Miramichi River and New Brunswick.  There are also various rivers that can be found in the Newfoundland and the most popular one is the Humber River which is considered as the spawning ground for at least 65% of salmon all over the world.  It is a great location for fishing during the early spring.

Salmon enthusiasts are always looking for the perfect place to catch that big fish.  It is definitely something that you can be proud of.  That is why; a lot of people have been flocking to Canada.  Most people who are looking for the big catch are taking advantage of chartered fishing services which usually comes in packages.  All you need to do is to sit back and enjoy the beauty while you are enjoying those big catches.  There are different areas in Canada which are known as the most superb fishing ground when it comes to salmon species.

Your Salmon Fishing Canada can become more enjoyable with the assistance of expert guides who can recommend the best chartered fishing boats and tours.  If your ultimate goal is salmon fishing then the best destination is Canada.  You can surely enjoy a memorable fishing and feel proud of catching those big fishes.