Importance of Getting Fishing Licence

Fishing nowadays become a popular sports BC Salmon Fishing is one of those common fishing sports that fishing charter customers are interested with. But engaging in fishing have some rules to follow like getting a fishing licence.

Are you a new fisher? If yes then better read this article to know more about BC Salmon Fishing and getting a fishing licence. Salmon Fishing Canada needs licence to enjoy the sport. It is being purchased manually and covered from April 1 to March 30.

How much to spend in fishing licence?

Price getting BC Salmon Fishing Licence varies.  If you are a resident or non-resident of Canada. Residents are those who live in Canada. Resident Certificate or any valid identification card is required or any proof of residency. Non-residences are those who want to go to Salmon Fishing Canada but not living in Canada. For non-resident, annual licence fee for adult aging 16 years old to 64 years old including senior citizens which is from 65 years old and above is $101,for 5 day licence, you  have to pay  $31, 3-day licence is $19 and for 1 day the payment is $7. Canada resident will pay fishing licence for a lesser price. Annual licence for adult (16-64 years old) is $21, annual licence fee Senior Citizen (64 years and above) is $11, for 5- Day Licence is $16, for 3-Day Licence the payment would be $11 and for 1- Day licence you’ll have to pay $5.25. Annual Licence for 15 years old and below is free for both Canada resident and non-resident. Fishers should also fee $6 for the Salmon Conservation Stamp.

Where to Get Fishing Licence?

Salmon Fishing Licence is available online. But if you are under 18 years old you should have parental consent to use the site and should be authorized to use a credit card for payment. Salmon Fishing Licence can also be avail province wide from sports stores, resorts, service stations, charter, service stations and some department stores.

Important things about Fishing Licence?

Fishing licence is always required for fishing finfish and shellfish. It is not transferable to other person. Fishing licence is being availed individually. Your getting the licence, holder should sign it to be valid. Always make sure that your licence is with you in water sports fishing. Conservation Officers, Fishing Officer or Fishing Guardians will work for it to ensure that you are legally registered while fishing or even transporting your catch.

Validating of licence should also be monitored. Validity of annual licence is shown on the licence while shorter duration expires at midnight on the final day of validity. Bear in mind that it is illegal to have more than one licence. Fishing is a very relaxing sport for family friends. Always remember that conserving the natural resources such as salmon fish is very essential to be considered as responsible citizen. It is our very important contribution in conserving our natural resources and save the world from any possible harm effect of abusing our environment.


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