How to Enjoy Salmon Fishing Canada

If you have wanted to try BC salmon fishing, then you might want to know the basics about the various types of salmon that are populating in the waters of British Columbia. There are actually five different species that you will find in BC, and among these are the Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Chum and Pink Salmon. The Atlantic Salmon are often found in the northern area of the Atlantic Ocean and in the rivers that are flowing through the North Atlantic as well as in the North Pacific. Indeed, British Columbia is home to the best salmon fishing events all over the world, thus, salmon fishing Canada is always held in British Columbia, more particularly in Vancouver.

Variety of Salmon in the BC’s Coastline

The coastline of British Columbia is said to be heavily populated with salmon, especially the varieties of Coho as well as Chinook salmon. Those who want to get a good catch of salmon should visit the area of fishing area of British Columbia and take part on the BC salmon fishing. And just so you know, there are several millions of Pacific salmon that will appear on the coastline of British Columbia every year and are mostly spawning in the rivers of BC, especially in the Vancouver area.

Why Fish in the British Columbia

Salmon are commonly found in British Columbia and this is why those who want to take part in the salmon fishing Canada should visit this region in Canada. The fish is in fact, vital to the life in Pacific Northwest and is an important part of Canada’s heritage. So whenever spot fishing fanatics would get together and talk about fishing, the BC salmon fishing is usually mentioned.

What Gears to use for Fishing

So you might ask what gears you should have in order to enjoy a salmon fishing trip in the British Columbia. Well, first of all, make sure that you have the proper gears for fishing. Make sure also that the rod length is appropriate and the strength of the line is durable enough because you will never know when you will be able to catch a monster salmon when you are out enjoying your salmon fishing Canada. If you are fly fishing on a freshwater, take note that you will need a rod that measures 12 up to 16 foot and must be made of fiberglass or graphite. You should have a sturdy fly reel as well as a durable fly line. When it comes to bait fishing and spinning, make use of a spinning rod that is at least 10-foot long as well as a bait caster reel that is 15 up to 20 pound in weight.

So these are the things that you should know when it comes to salmon fishing Canada, more particularly in British Columbia. Remember that the salmon from the Pacific is often fished by trolling offshore and in the estuaries. BC salmon fishing can also be enjoyed  by means of fly fishing as well as spinning.


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