Ucluelet and their great fashion for fishing

In the Pacific Northwest, the village of Ucluelet is a popular destination for salt water fishing. Over time, it is quickly becoming a famous and world renowned location for fishing in the Vancouver Island, which is filled with so much history and culture about fishing. This is truly the best spot for Vancouver Island fishing. The community in the village of Ucluelet has a great passion for the sport of fishing and it’s not difficult to see why.

Ucluelet has a population of almost two thousand people and it is in the west coast of Vancouver islang in British Columbia, Canada. The word “Ucluelet”, pronounced as “You-Clue-Let”, is taken from an indigenous and native language of Nuu-chah-nulth and it means safe harbor. The first settlers of the village were known to be fur sealers and they had established a trading post somewhere in the south of Ucluelet. By the early 1950s, Ucluelet became incorporated. Several decades later in 1997, their status changed as a response to the growing population and thus became the District of Ucluelet.

At present, Ucluelet is known as a tourist village for logging and Vancouver Island fishing. More than just being a hotspot for commercial and sport fishing, Ucluelet has also become known as a destination for whale watching and other wildlife. Ucluelet currently has an economy that is purely resource-based; the village is striving to make a transition to an economy that is tourism-based.

In the west coast of Vancouver Island, more specifically that of Ucluelet, the waters are packed with fish. The Ucluelet fishing charters are known to be the best in terms of salmon fishing. Many people keep returning for fishing trips. The prime time for commercial or sport fishing in Ucluelet is during the months of summer. The Ucluelet fishing charters leave as early as 6 AM from the dock to begin a day of fishing. The charters usually head to areas like an undersea plateau that locals call the Big Bank. In this area, there is what people call a ‘salmon highway’ because of the nutrient-rich waters. This offshore plateau has so much larger fish like salmon and halibut that can be reeled in easily with baitfish.

As early as March, fishers can spawn baitfish and draw in a variety of fish. One can even reel in a salmon weighing in over 30 pounds or more. A fish like that is what locals call a Tyee. In these months, it is not that difficult to catch a Tyee. For the times in which the weather isn’t that ideal, one can fish in the shallower waters. These waters are great for reeling in halibut, red snapper and rockfish.

More than just fishin, the Ucluelet fishing charters are also great for catching crab. Before heading out to fish in the morning, some people usually drop crab traps along the Ucluelet Harbor. Once they come back and reel it in, you will definitely get more than you bargained for. Other shellfish can also be caught and harvested in this area.

Vancouver Island fishing has definitely become a sport that people love and keep coming back for and the reasons for which are endless.


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