Salmon fishing Canada – the pleasure of switching off the urban buzz!

The pleasure of fishing is known only to the person who cast the bait and got a live one at the end of the line. Fishing is an experience not as serene as the waiting to hook the catch! It is an excitement to get away with miles of calm and set your rig, tie the bait, cast the line and wait for the tug and while you are at it let the sun, sky and birds & breeze catch you unaware and send you to another realm. Here is all about fishing.

Salmon Fishing: Introduction
Yes! Fishing is that out of the world experience and a different world of sport or adventure or competition or lifestyle option to explore.And salmon fishing is another game totally. Salmons are usually bred in fresh water, they travel to sea water and return in cycles to fresh water to spawn.  So salmon fishing can be enjoyed with the surf and sea breeze, as well in rivers, streams or lakes.

Understanding Salmon Fishing.

Salmon is a name for many species of fish found in Canada. Canada is a famous salmon fishing destination, if not the only one for salmon fishing. Especially, because the salmon and its famous fishing variety trout,are so largely found here. Rather Salmon fishing Canada boasts of the most sought after fly fishing competition in the sport. Salmon fishing Canada can be enjoyed from start of the month of May to end of September. One of the best places in Canada for fly finishing is Alberta’s Bow River.

Popular Species: BC Salmon

It’s not just about fishing anymore. BC Salmon Fishing is about an end to end experience. Rivers inlet is a place where three major river systems cross. Rivers Inlet is one the most sought after and enjoyed the place for salmon fishing in British Columbia. And amongst the several spots at the Rivers inlet, The Wall is famed for the best spot in BC Salmon Fishing.Some of the largest trophy fish have been caught here, and the spot still remains the most popular sports fishing destination because of the abundance of catch. Many lodges and hotels around Rivers inlet make this trip even more comfortable yet removed from the urban life and pressures of competitive life. But in no way you are away from competitive fishing as well as pleasure sport at BC Salmon Fishing. A large number of salmon head to Rivers inlet for spawning around July to August, making the place a buzz of fishing activity and business and pleasure.

You could be out in the island waters for Salmon Fishing Canada irrespective of the Salmon species. The experience is amazing. It is indeed a pleasure trip with all the comforts of lodges and room service and local assistance available. As well as this experience has retained its competitive, sports feel because of trophy competitions and pride of catch. The sport has evolved with new top of the line equipment and fishing gear companies taking further interest in fishing.


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